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Although it is one of the oldest urban areas in São Paulo, Pinheiros is known as the "new downtown" due to recent investment and revitalization of the region. Many international companies have also established their Brazilian headquarters here. Nonetheless Pinheiros remains unpretentious, bohemian and welcoming in style with a new metro station along with all the other advantages to offer!

There is a fantastic range of bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Rua dos Pinheiros, for example, offers plentiful options for eating and drinking and is very lively in the evening and at weekends. However, during the day it is entirely different - quiet and calm, and absolutely ideal for spending a lazy afternoon. Praça Benedito Calixto, which hosts a market on Saturdays, attracting tons of visitors, also has great bars and restaurants, as well as traditional Brazilian food and a local Chorinho (traditional band) on offer. Pinheiros also offers the best metro station in town: Faria Lima (yellow line - the fastest one!) which takes you to various regions of São Paulo in minutes. Featuring a variety of housing options to make your own from cute little houses to ginormous modern buildings and a fantastic location, coupled with its fantastic amenities and lively atmosphere, life in Pinheiros can't get much better!