Sao Paulo Art Scene: Joan Miró – A sandbox of the subconscious mind.


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Joan Miró Exhibition – Tomie Ohtake Institute, Pinheiros São Paulo



A very special exhibition of the modern artworks of the legendary and very talented Joan Miró, has been brought to São Paulo and is currently showing at the Tomie Ohtake Institute (Rua Coropés 88, Pinheiros), just off Faria Lima Avenue. Joan’s playful, child-like, mostly surrealistic paintings and sculptures, can be keenly appreciated by all, even those who least expect it!

Born in Barcelona, Miró initially set out to be a businessman but suffered a nervous breakdown and turned to his true passion, art. He disliked conventional art and initially took his inspiration from artists such as Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Cézanne.

Lovers of Miró’s work include Ernest Hemingway, who praised his painting The Farm as a perfect depiction of ‘all that you feel about Spain when you are there and all that you feel when you are away and cannot go there’.

Though the exhibition started just 10 days ago and is undoubtedly popular on the weekends, if you can get there on a Friday evening the team at My Home SP found that to be a very quiet time!!

Entry: R$ 10, free on Tuesdays

Location: Tomie Ohtake Institute (Rua Coropés 88, Pinheiros)

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Joan Miró – Sao Paulo Art Exhibition – Tomie Ohtake Institute, Pinheiros



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