Formula 1 Grand Prix in São Paulo


This year, São Paulo is once again playing host to the internationally renowned Formula 1 Grand Prix at the infamous Interlagos track – an occasion that is most certainly not to be missed!

The Interlagos circuit (shown below), is well known for its many inclines and formerly bumpy surface. Sponsors used to dread this track as the unevenness of the track previously took its toll on the F1 cars, due to the cars’ low ride height and slight suspension. Thankfully this problem has now been put right. Even without the bumps, this particular race isn’t solely tough on the cars however. It is also incredibly physically draining on the drivers! This is largely due to the unfamiliar anti-clockwise direction of the track, where the centrifugal forces, charged by the numerous difficult turns, push the drivers to the absolute maximum – making for a truly spectacular viewing experience.



 Fri 23 November 2012:

Practice 1 10:00am – 11:30am

Practice 2 2:00pm – 3:30pm

Sat 24 November 2012

Practice 3 11:00am – 12:00pm

Qualifying 2:00pm

Sun 25 November 2012

Race 2:00pm

As shown in the event’s timetable above, there is an incredible amount of Formula 1 action to feast on.

Both Friday and Saturday offer the chance to see all of the your favourite drivers become familiar with the circuit in the Practice Sessions.

Saturday afternoon then provides the nerve-wracking Qualifying Stage, where the drivers fight for positioning (and above all the hugely sought-after Poll Position) on Sunday’s Starting Grid.

Sunday afternoon: the moment you’ve been waiting for all weekend – The Race. Needless to say, this is the climax of the weekend, and it indisputably never ceases to provide a sensational finale to one of the most exciting weekends in São Paulo’s expansive annual calendar.

Just to reignite your inner F1 spirit…….Depicted below is the Brazilian F1 superstar Ayrton Senna, celebrating his 1st place finish at Brazil’s 1993 Grand Prix.

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