15 Reasons to Choose My Home SP’s Furnished Apartments Over a Hotel!




Ok, for stays of 1 or 2 weeks, we get it. Perhaps you want to eat out every night and have no need for a washing machine or windows that open. For those of us travelling on business, or refurbishing our home, for example, a furnished apartment from My Home SP is the absolute best alternative to the wonderful home sweet home!


Here’s why:


  1. No hidden add on fees (parking, Wifi, early check in, late check out) – with My Home SP this is all included!


  1. In a hotel you get a mini bar (that charges you every time you indulge).

Staying with My Home SP you get a Gift basket completely free of charge! In your Gift basket you’ll get Champagne, nuts, chocolate, biscuits and even popcorn – for those delicious nights at home relaxing in your sitting room with a movie.


  1. Windows you can actually open!


  1. Noisy neighbours – hotels tend to have these! Residential building neighbours keep to themselves.


  1. No more faulty key cards and therefore no need to trek to reception! You have a good old key or, alternatively, your own fingertip will open the door!


  1. Room service – My Home SP has a variety of excellent take-away restaurants and the delivery can be made right to your door.


  1. Maintenance services – We have a 24/7 guest service that will resolve your issue, a network of excellent repairmen and every building has a caretaker.


  1. Hotels have: daily maid service or in other words a quick 30 – 40 minute tidy up. My Home SP has: an actual cleaner who will do your laundry, iron your shirts, clean the apartment until it’s spick and span and even prepare food for you!


  1. Check in convenience – We can check you in any time you want (with no additional fees) and no waiting in the lobby with your bags!!


  1. Facilities – if you want a pool and a gym we have properties with these facilities! We can also guarantee they will be less crowded than those at a hotel. If you want a spa we would be happy to recommend an excellent, fairly priced one, in your neighborhood!


  1. Privacy – My Home SP delivers a 100% discrete service.


  1. Communal Laundry – Wouldn’t it be better to be able to have your own washing machine and a cleaner who can do your laundry and iron to perfection?


  1. Hotel Restaurant & Breakfast – São Paulo is packed with excellent restaurants and bakeries. Why waste time at the hotel! Also when you have your own fully equipped kitchen you can stay in and relax when you want to have a home cooked meal!


  1. Payment – All credit cards are accepted at My Home SP and payment can be made via the site.


  1. Space and cost – There’s no denying it, you get much, much more for your money!





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